Allen Bradley AC Drive 25A-D030N114


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  • NEW (Factory Sealed)
  • Standard module.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: AC Drive
  • Part Number: 25A-D030N114
  • Series: PowerFlex 523
  • UPC: 00885630952444


The Allen-Bradley 25A-D030N114 is a component of the PowerFlex 523 AC Drives series. It is a compact, low-voltage drive that operates on a 480 Volt AC Three Phase input voltage. Provides a 30 Amperes output current and with its frame size “D”, should be kept in an IP20 NEMA Open type enclosure. Its USB port is used for connection during the programming of the unit, allowing smooth uploads and downloads. In this way, the 25A-D030N114 helps increase user productivity.

Here are the technical specifications for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 25A-D030N114 AC drive:

  • Power Rating: 11 kW (15 hp)-(Heavy-duty); 15kW (20 hp)-(Normal-duty)
  • Voltage Rating: 380…480V AC, 3 Phase
  • Output Current: 30 Amps
  • Interface Module: Standard
  • Protection Rating: IP20 NEMA / Open Type
  • Frame: Size D
  • EMC Filtering Options: Filter
  • Weight: 5.33 kg (11.8 lbs)

This Allen-Bradley 25A-D030N114 523 series of AC Drive is well-made for motor control applications ranging from low to medium voltages; it has a standard HMI feature and a filtering option of 1 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). These drives have a large variety of power ratings and global voltages, enabling users to choose the best inventive module for their industrial requirements. It is best used for power applications ranging from 0.2 kW to 22 kW with 0.25 Hp to 30 Hp.

The 25A-D030N114 drive allows for maximum user control by applying the PointStop motor-feature. It provides reliable power control solutions, powerful performance, and flexible control, holding a compact design that helps to minimize a spare-parts inventory. It offers a quicker installation and configuration process.


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