Allen Bradley AC Drive 25A-D2P3N104


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Automation Product
  • Part Number: 25A-D2P3N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 523
  • UPC:00885630702490
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The 25A-D2P3N104 is an AC drive. It belongs to the PowerFlex 523 series from Allen-Bradley. At 3 phases, this drive must be supplied with 480 volts alternating current (AC). It is ideal for both heavy-duty and normal industrial operations. For both, it can generate 1.0 horsepower, or 0.75 kilowatts, of power. This drive can generate an output power rating of 2.3 amperes. When it comes to protection, this drive must be placed inside a NEMA or IP20 rated enclosure.

  • Series: PowerFlex 523 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive
  • MPN: 25A-D2P3N104
  • Voltage: 480V AC
  • Phase: 3
  • Enclosure IP: 20 NEMA/Open
  • Interface Module: Standard
  • EMC Filter: No Filter
  • Braking: Standard
  • Amps: 2.3
  • Frame: A
  • HP (Normal Duty): 1
  • kW (Normal Duty): 0.75
  • HP (Heavy Duty): 1
  • kW (Heavy Duty): 0.75

The 25A-D2P3N104 adjustable frequency AC drive can be mounted via a DIN rail or on a panel. Also, to make installation easier, this drive also comes with a zero stacking feature. This AC drive does not come with any EMC filter. This AC drive is ideally used for controlling the speed and torque of connected industrial motors. Modulating the torque and speed is especially important for industrial applications such as lifting heavy objects, the transfer of raw materials, pumping, and so forth.

This drive must be operated within a voltage rating of forty-seven (47) to sixty-three (63) hertz (Hz). It needs to be supplied with an input voltage in the range of three hundred and eighty (380) to four hundred and eighty (480) volts alternating current (AC). Operating at fifty (50) to sixty (60) hertz, this drive can produce an output current of four hundred and sixty (460) volts. It can be programmed to operate within any frequency limit up to five hundred (500) hertz. It must be put inside on A-sized frame, which is the smallest frame available. The 25A-D2P3N104 should be placed inside one IP20 or NEMA UL-rated enclosure. Unlike other AC drives this one does not require any clearance space. You can place two of these drives almost in touch with each other without any fear of derating of performance. Users must install circuit protection with this AC drive. For circuit protection, this AC drive features magnetic contractors, motor protectors, and an electric fuse. To keep a suitable temperature, users should install external fans and coolers with it.

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