Allen Bradley AC Drive 25A-D1P4N104


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: AC Drive
  • Part Number: 25A-D1P4N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 523
  • UPC:00885630702483
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The Allen-Bradley 25A-D1P4N104 is a member of the PowerFlex 523 AC power drive family. It is a variable control drive that supports applications of up to 22 kilowatts (30 Hp) and has an input range of 380-480V AC (3-phase). The drive features one analog and five digital inputs, a rated current of 1.4 amps, and 400 watts (0.5 Hp) power, with -15% / +10% of voltage tolerance level. It is designed to operate at a frequency of 47-63 Hz, with a power factor of 0.98 throughout all speed ranges.

Power Rating: 0.4 kW (0.5 hp) (Normal and Heavy-duty)
Voltage Rating: 480 VAC, 3 Phase
Input Voltage: 380-480V, 3 Phase
Output Current: 1.4 Amps
Interface Module: Standard
Protection Rating: IP20 NEMA / Open Type
Frame: Size A
EMC Filtering Options: No Filter

The 25A-D1P4N104 has five digital inputs (1-dedicated and 4-programmable), each with its DIP switch for selecting sink (18-24V/0-6V ON/OFF) or source (0-6V/18-24V ON/OFF) mode, and one isolated 10-bit, 0-10V, and 4 to 20 milliamps analog input with a 100,000 ohms, or 250,000 ohms, characteristic impedance. It also integrates a single programmable Form C Relay output with inductive and resistive ratings and 1 non-isolated 0-10 V or 4 to 20 milliamps analog output with minimum load resistances of 1 k ohm and 525 ohm.

The drive requires a temperature range of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit when working without derating, a relative humidity range of roughly 0-95 percent (non-condensing), and can be placed at the height of a maximum of 3300 feet without derating. It may be attached by DIN Rail or Screw and is designed to withstand a 15G operating shock and a 2G vibration. The drive is a Frame A drive that comes with an IP20 / NEMA Type Open enclosure, supports horizontal and vertical mounting, and is designed for zero stacking installation with multiple drives.

Integral features to the 25A-D1P4N104 drive are built-in standard Human Interface Module (HIM) and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) braking mechanism. It is also provided with an RS485 port that supports both Modbus RTU and Drive Serial Interface (DSI) communication protocol. Integrated protection features include Class 10 Electronic Overload protection, Overcurrent, ground fault, and Short circuit trip. The drive’s Bus Overvoltage trip is set at 810V DC bus, which is equivalent to 575V AC incoming line, while the Undervoltage trip is 390V DC bus that is equivalent to 275V AC incoming line.

Configurable control methods to the drive are Sinusoidal PWM, Volts/Hertz, Sensorless Vector Control, Economizer SVC motor control, Closed Loop Velocity Vector Control, Surface Mount and Interior Permanent Magnet Motor (without encoder), and Interior Permanent Magnet Motor (with encoder). For efficient starting and stopping, configurable settings are acceleration times and deceleration, Ramp, Coast, DC-Brake, and Ramp-to-Stop, respectively.

It weighs about 1.1Kg (2.4lb), and it has net dimensions of 72.0mm x 152mm x 172mm.

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