Allen Bradley HMI 2711P-T6C20D8


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  • Incorporates 256 mb ram memory.
  • Utilizes power of dc.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – HMI
  • Product Type: HMI / Operator Interface
  • Part Number: 2711P-T6C20D8
  • Series: Panelview Plus 6
  • UPC: 00884951344143
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The 2711P-T6C20D is a PanelView 600 operator interface terminal manufactured by Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation as part of the PanelView Plus 600 operator interface terminals series. This is a DC power operator interface terminal with an interface terminal voltage range of 18 – 24 volts DC.

This device is equipped with a 5.7 in. display with a color display type. Has an available memory of 256 MB RAM and 512 MB non-volatile flash. Approximately 73 MB of the non-volatile flash memory is free user memory.

This device is equipped with both an RS-232 communication port, as well as an Ethernet port. Also has a USB device port and a USB host port. This particular terminal also has a touchscreen interface.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 2711P-T6C20D8 Standard Terminal is an electronic terminal that is used to control the monitor and status of various industrial components in a control system. The terminal creates an effective user interface between the operator and the industrial system and ensures that the user is able to exercise an improved degree of control over machine components within the system. The panel can be used to trigger and initiate specific functions of individual system components, thus reducing idle time and improving system performance and productivity. The touch screen has a vibrant color active-matrix TFT display with a high display resolution and 18-bit color graphics. The screen is analog resistive and can be used as an input device as well as a display device. Applications can be created on the operator panel by aligning the touch screen’s interactive touch cells with touch objects on the screen.

The panel is equipped with a non-replaceable white LED backlight that has a minimum service life of 25,000 hours at room temperature. The terminals can be mounted on panels and can be installed on the doors and walls of an IP rated or NEMA rated enclosure. The enclosure must be designed to accommodate specific clearances that are required by design to ensure ventilation and adequate air supply. The terminal package is also equipped with a hot-swappable USB 2.0 host port that supports a USB flash drive and can be used to store and transfer files and data.

The 2711P-T6C20D8 requires the use of either a class 2, safety extra low voltage (SELV), or protected extra-low voltage (PELV) power supply. SELV and PELV power supplies provide protection so that under normal and single fault conditions, the voltage between conductors and earth ground does not exceed a safe value. The max power consumption of the terminal is 15W (0.6A at 24VDV), but typical consumption is 9W (0.375A at 24VDC). The Ethernet port connects to a controller on an Ethernet/IP network by using standard Ethernet and network connections. The port also supports application transfers and printing. The 2711P-T6C20D8 can be configured to run on an open or closed desktop environment. During installation, users should make sure that the supporting panels have a mounting thickness of 1.5-4.8mm (0.060-0.188in). The material strength and stiffness must be sufficient to hold the terminal and to also maintain an appropriate seal against water and dust. The terminal is shipped with a power terminal block installed. The terminal block can be removed to help with installation, wiring, and maintenance purposes. The power supply of the terminal is internally protected against reverse polarity. Connecting DC+ or DC- to the earth/ground terminal is not advised and can cause damage to the device. Operators should take care to ensure that an AC power source is not applied to this terminal, as it can also result in damage to the device due to the 2711P-T6C20D8 requiring a DC power input.

When it comes to mounting the 2711P-T6C20D8, it is important to remember these requirements. For clearance, each side of the product has its own unique clearance dimensions. The top of the unit should have fifty-one (51) millimeters, or two (2) inches of clearance. The bottom of the device should have one hundred and two (102) mm (4 inches) of clearance. This is important because this device uses the bottom for its connections. The side of the device, which is used for inserting and removing SD cards, should have a clearance of twenty-five (25) millimeters, or the equivalent of one (1) inch. Finally, the back of the device should have a clearance of zero (0) mm (0 inches). The temperature range recommended around this device should stay within the range of zero to fifty-five (0 to 55) °C, or 32 to 131°F. The panel cutout dimensions for this unit are 123mm for the height and 156mm for the width.

The 2711P-T6C20D8 has a 5.7inch display size. The display equipped with this device has the ability to display color. Additionally, this product has memory available in a couple of forms. There are approximately two hundred and fifty-six megabytes (MB) of RAM, or random access memory. Also, the 2711P-T6C20D8 has five hundred and twelve (512) megabytes (MB) of non-volatile flash memory. Included within the non-volatile flash memory is approximately seventy-three (73) megabytes (MB) of free user memory. The input voltage of this device is 24V DC nominal and has a power consumption of 15W maximum.


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