Allen Bradley Micro800 2080-SERIALISOL


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  • RS232/485 isolated serial port.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC Communication Adapters
  • Part Number: 2080-SERIALISOL
  • Series: Micro 800
  • UPC: 885630058429
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The Allen Bradley Micro800 RS232/485 isolated serial port (part number 2080-SERIALISOL) is a communication module that provides RS232 and RS485 serial communication interfaces for Micro800 controllers. This module is designed to isolate the serial communication lines to prevent damage to equipment or the controller in case of a ground loop or other electrical problems.

The 2080-SERIALISOL serial port module has the following features:

  • Support for RS232 and RS485 communication protocols
  • Isolation between the serial communication lines and the controller to protect against electrical problems
  • Easy installation and configuration with the Micro800 family of controllers
  • Support for point-to-point and multi-drop communication
  • DIN rail mounting for easy installation

The 2080-SERIALISOL serial port module can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including automation, process control, and machine control, to provide reliable and isolated serial communication connectivity.

The 2080-SERIALISOL isolated serial port module also can be used in non-hazardous locations and in hazardous locations that are rated as Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D types of hazardous locations. This module needs to be protected from electrostatic discharge.

The 2080-SERIALISOL isolated serial port module is easy to plug into a host controller with screws and extend functionality without increasing your footprint.

The Allen-Bradley 2080-SERIALISOL Micro800 RS232/485 Isolated Serial Port Plug-in Module is an embedded RS-232/485 serial port plug-in for the Allen-Bradley Micro 800 Programmable Controller which is used for serially connected HMI devices over a short distance of 3m or less.

The plug-in is compatible with the 1761-CBL-AM00 0.5m (1.5ft) cable that connects an 8-pin Mini DIN to another 8-pin Mini DIN, and it is compatible with the (1763-NC01 series A) 30cm (11.8in) cable that connects an 8-pin Mini DIN to a 6-pin RS-485 terminal block. It also uses the 1761-CBL-PM02 cable to connect the embedded serial to the PanelView Component HMI. The 2080-SERIALISOL can also support the Modbus RTU, ASCII, and the CIP Serial protocols.

The 2080-SERIALISOL module is installed by positioning it with the 8-Pin Terminal Block in front of the 2080 controller, and the module is snapped into place on the module bay by using M3 screws with a 0.22-0.25Nm (1.95-2.21lb-in) screw torque.

The module has circuitry with 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG) stranded wire, and 1 mm2 (18 AWG) solid wire. It offers 500V AC voltage isolation, and it has a mounting torque of 0.2Nm (1.48lb-in).

The 2080-SERIALISOL can operate at a temperature range between -20 and 65 ºC (-4 and 149 ºF) at a 5-95% range of non-condensing relative humidity, and the module can be stored in an environment with an ambient temperature between -40 and 85 ºC (-40 and 185 ºF). It has a designated T4 (North America) Temperature code, and it is C-TICK, CE, and cUL-us certified.


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