Allen Bradley PLC 2080-LC50-24AWB


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 2080-LC50-24AWB
  • Series: Micro 850
  • UPC:00884951711716
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Flexible communications and greater I/O capabilities. Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 2080 Micro850® programmable logic controller systems are perfect for your larger standalone machine control applications. 2080-LC50-24AWB is a Micro850 24 I/O Ethernet / IP controller.

Allen-Bradley Micro 850 Controllers 080-LC50-24AWB Technical Specifications:

  • Digital Input Type: 120V AC
  • Input Channels: 14 (Discrete Inputs)
  • Output Channels: 10 (Relay Output)
  • Conformally Coated: No
  • Enclosure: Meets IP20
  • Plug-In Slots: 3

The controller has 14 (120V AC/16mA) AC inputs, with 132V AC of maximum ON-state voltage, with 16mA maximum ON-state current at 50-60Hz, and an OFF-state voltage of 20V AC with an OFF-state current of 2.5mA and an inrush delay time of 22ms.

The controller has 10 relay outputs with 265V AC of maximum output voltage and a maximum load current of 2A and it has approximately 5A current per common and a maximum turn ON/OFF time of 10ms.

It has 7.5A and 0.75A MAKE and BREAK Relay contact ratings and it has a maximum power dissipation of 28W.

The 2080-LC50-24AWB uses either 0.2 x 2.5 mm2 (24-12 AWG) solid copper wire or 0.2 x 2.5 mm2 (24-12 AWG) stranded copper wire, with 7mm (0.28in) maximum insulation stripping length, and it offers 250V isolation voltage, tested for the 60s at 3250V, between DC output to aux and network, inputs and outputs.


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