Allen Bradley PLC 2080-LC20-20QBB


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 2080-LC20-20QBB
  • Series: Micro 820
  • UPC: 00885630982588
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A nano-sized footprint with flexible communications and I/O capabilities. Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 2080 Micro820® programmable logic controller systems are designed for small standalone machine control and remote automation applications. 2080-LC20-20QBB is a Micro820 20 I/O Ethernet / IP controller.

Allen-Bradley Micro 820 Controllers 2080-LC20-20QBB Technical Specifications:

  • Digital Input Type: 24V DC (4 configurable analog inputs with thermistor voltage reference out)
  • Input Channels: 12
  • Digital Output Type: 24V DC Source (1 Analog Output)
  • Output Channels: 7
  • Conformally Coated: No
  • Enclosure: Meets IP20 (Which might not be ideal for outdoor use)
  • Terminal Blocks: Fixed

This Micro 820 Controller is an Embedded Ethernet Port and RS-232/485 non-isolated Serial port, Embedded RTC, MicroSD Card support, and 2 Plug-In slots.

High-Speed Counters are available only via Plug-in modules – up to 2 HSCs per Plug-in.

This Bulletin 2080 module can be used as a Remote Terminal Unit for remote automation projects on machines with TCP and Modbus RTU support. Its FAT32/16 microSD slot is used for program transfer and storing larger amounts of data that require datalog and recipe.

It has a built-in Real Time Clock that does not require batteries and embedded support for a maximum of 4 thermistor temperature inputs. This module can also be a stand-alone direct digital controller for Building Management Systems.

The 2080-LC20-20QBB Logic Controller can accommodate up to twelve 24 Volts AC or DC inputs, four of which can be shared 0 to 10 Volt analog inputs.

It supports seven 24 Volts DC SRC outputs, plus one 0 to 10 Volt analog output

It has two plug-in slots and features a 5 KHz PWM output for controlling valves and solenoids. And it has one Output Reference that supports up to four 10k thermistors.


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