Allen Bradley Output Module 2080-OV4


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    • 4-pt Digital Output.
    • 12/24V DC.
    • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
    • Product Type: Output Model
    • Part Number: 2080-OV4
    • Series: Micro800
    • UPC:10885630234912
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The 2080-OV4 is an output module from the Micro 800 series of controllers and accessories by Allen-Bradley. It is a plug-in module that can be added to a Micro 800 series controller to provide it with extra output channels. This module includes 4 digital outputs and does not come with an enclosure. Its compact design enables it to be installed on a controller without increasing its footprint.

Its power supply voltage ranges from 10.8 Volts DC at its minimum to 30 Volts DC at its maximum. This Digital Sink Plug-In output module operates on 12 to 24 Volt DC and can enhance I/O performance without increasing its footprint. It provides added processing power and communication flexibility, enabling it to switch a wide range of DC voltages for field loads and detect signals from devices in the field.

To mount the 2080-OV4, use a torque of approximately 0.2 N-m (or 1.48 pounds on an inch). The terminal base screw torque should range from 0.22 to 0.25 N-m (or 1.95 to 2.21 pounds on an inch). This Open Style module has four (4) yellow status indicators and does not require an enclosure. When wiring, use copper wire that is either stranded or solid and has a gauge between 16 and 24 AWG. Ensure that the wire is adequately insulated to protect it from temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius. Additionally, keep the air surrounding the module below 65 degrees Celsius for safety purposes. The 2080-OV4 has a North American Temperature code of T4.

The 2080-OV4 has an ON-State current of 5.0 mA at 10 Volts DC. Its ON-state voltage ranges from 10 Volts at its lowest to 30 Volts at its highest, with a nominal stage of 24 Volts. It can be plugged into any of the Micro800 controller plug-in slots. To connect a Micro800 controller to a modem, use an RS-232 cable. However, the cable length should not exceed 50 feet. The 2080-OV4 has a nonoperating shock of 25 g and an operating shock of approximately 25 g for a DIN rail mounted unit and around 35 g for a Panel mounted unit.

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