Allen Bradley PLC 2080-LC20-20QWBR


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 2080-LC20-20QWBR
  • Series: Micro 820
  • UPC: 00885630484662
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A nano-sized footprint with flexible communications and I/O capabilities. Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 2080 Micro820® programmable logic controller systems are designed for small standalone machine control and remote automation applications. 2080-LC20-20QWBR is a Micro820 20 I/O Ethernet / IP controller (RTB).

Allen-Bradley Micro 820 Controllers 2080-LC20-20QBBR Technical Specifications:

  • Digital Input Type: 24V DC (4 configurable analog inputs with thermistor voltage reference out, )
  • Input Channels: 12
  • Digital Output Type: 24V DC Source (1 Analog Output)
  • Output Channels: 7 (Relay Output)
  • Conformally Coated: No
  • Enclosure: Meets IP20 (Which might not be ideal for outdoor use)
  • Terminal Block: Removable Terminal Block

This Micro 820 Controller is an Embedded Ethernet Port and RS-232/485 non-isolated Serial port, Embedded RTC, MicroSD Card support, and 2 Plug-In slots, with RTB terminals.

High-Speed Counters are available only via Plug-in modules – up to 2 HSCs per Plug-in.

The 2080-LC20-20QWBR, like all Micro820 controllers, also has a micro SD card slot for backup and restoration purposes, as well as recipe and data logs storage.

This is a PLC with Removable Terminal Blocks (must be wired with 0.14 to 2.5 millimeters squared wire).

The port supports a 38.400 baud rate.
For Ethernet connection, there is an RJ45 connector on a device (below the protective cover).

This module has several supported communication protocols: ASCII, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU Master/Slave, Modbus TCP, CIP Serial Client/Server (RS232 only), CIP Symbolic, DHCP Client, Sockets Client/Server TCP/UDP. A user can select whether he or she prefers a ladder diagram, function block diagram, or structured text language. A PID loop control is supported.

The 2080-LC20-20QWBR controller can be paired with all Micro800 plug-in modules (except for the 2080-MEMBAK-RTC module). It requires an input power of 24 Volts DC and consumes approximately 5.62 Watts of power.

The status indicators on this device are input, output, fault, comm, SD, ENET, run, and force.


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