Allen Bradley Controller 5069-L320ERM


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PAC
  • Product Type: compactlogix 5380 controller
  • Part Number: 5069-L320ERM
  • Series: CompactLogix 5069
  • UPC:00889508071336
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The 5069-L320ERM is an Allen-Bradley Programmable Automation Controller (PAC).

This Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5069 is a compactlogix 5380 controller, 2MB (megabytes) 16-i-o’s, 8-axis.

  • Dimensions: 5.4 x 0.9 x 4.2 in (138 x 22 x 105 mm)
  • Communication rate, USB: 12 Mbps
  • No. of CIP drive: 8
  • No. of motion axes: 256
  • No. of supported sockets: 32
  • No. of Ethernet nodes :40
  • Communication rate, Ethernet: 10 Mbps / 100 Mbps / 1 Gbps
  • Local I/O modules: 16 I/O modules
  • Non-volatile memory: 2 GB via 1784-SD2 (ships with the controller)
    Weight: 0.39 lbs (175 g)
  • Programming Languages: Sequential Function Chart, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, and Ladder Diagram
  • Part Number/Catalog No.: 5069-L320ERM
  • Module Type: CompactLogix Controller
  • Application Memory: 2 Megabytes
  • Supported Ethernet/IP: Network Topologies Device Level Ring, Star, and Linear
  • Communication Ports: 1 Type B 2.0 Full-Speed USB and 2 Ethernet/IP Ports
  • Ethernet/IP Nodes: 40 Ethernet/IP Nodes
  • I/O Expansion: 16 I/O
  • Motion Axes: 8 Motion Axes
  • Pulse Latching Supported: Yes
  • Pattern Matching Supported: Yes

The 5069-L320ERM is a DIN rail mounted device. With this type of installation, use of special installation accessories are not required as DIN rail mounting is one of the most popular installation method, however, recommended DIN rail must be made of zinc-plated, chromate steel material or specifically, an EN50022 – 35 x 7.5 mm (1.38 x 0.30 in.). This is specified as the DIN rail provides grounding connection. If a DIN rail made of poor conductor or susceptible to oxidation and corrosion is used, poor grounding connection may be experienced resulting to unwanted operation of the controller.

For communication with other controllers, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Human Machine Interface (HMI) are made with the built-in dual Ethernet interfaces that supports a variety of network topologies such as linear, star and Device Level Ring (DLR). These interfaces are capable of communicating with up to 40 Ethernet nodes and 32 socket interfaces at transmission rate of 10 / 100 Mbps Fast ethernet and 1 Gbps gigabit ethernet speed. Additionally, this controller is capable of motion control over Ethernet I/P where in up to 256 motion axes and Eight (8) CIP drive axes may be configured.

The maximum module Power bus or MOD Power current of the 5069-L320ERM controller is 450 mA, inrush current of 850 mA for 125 ms, and the maximum current rating is 9.55 A, while its voltage range and its Passthrough voltage range are the same, rated at 18-32V DC each. The sensor actuator or SA Field Power voltage ranges and the Passthrough voltage ranges are 0-32V DC, 0-240V AC at 47-63 Hz, and ATEX/IECEX with a maximum of 125V AC for both, the Power Bus maximum current ratings are 9.975 A for AC power and 9.95 A for DC power, and the maximum Field Power currents are 25 mA for the AC power and they are 10 mA for the DC power. Present on the 5069-L320ERM controller are 2 Ethernet/IP ports with an Ethernet performance of 10-100 Mbps and 1 Gbps, which is full-duplex only, and 1 Type B USB 2.0 port. It also has a 2 MB controller capacity which can be expanded by using a 1784-SD1 card or the 1784-SD2 card that is shipped with the 5069-L320ERM controller.

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