Allen Bradley DC Input Module 5069-IB16F


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Miscellaneous
  • Product Type: DC Input Module
  • Part Number: 5069-IB16F
  • Series: CompactLogix 5069
  • UPC: 885630530048
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The Allen-Bradley 5069-IB16F is a Digital Input Module that provides sixteen (16) sinking inputs.

  • Description: Digital Input Module
  • Number of Inputs: 16 Channels (1 group of 16), Sinking
  • Input Voltage Range: 10-32 V DC
  • Power Bus (MOD Power) Current: 75 mm
  • Sensor Actuator Power Bus (SA Power) Passthrough Voltage Ranges: 18-32 V DC
  • Sensor Actuator Power Bus (SA Power) Current Rating: 9.55 A
  • Power Dissipation: 3.9 W
  • Thermal Dissipation: 13.3 British Thermal Units (BTU) per Hour
  • Isolation Voltage: 300 V
  • Indicators: 1 green/red module status indicator and 16 yellow I/O status indicators
  • Slot Width: 1
  • Size (H x W x D): 138 x 22 x 105 mm (5.43 x 0.87 x 4.15 inches)
  • Weight: 175 g (0.39 pounds)

This module supports a sensor-actuator passthrough voltage from 18 Volts DC to 32 Volts DC. The 5069-IB16F has a red/green LED indicator that shows the module status and sixteen (16) yellow LED indicators for input channel status. The unit dissipates an electrical power of 3.9 Watts and a thermal power of 13.3 British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour. The module supports a vibration frequency range from 10 to 500 Hertz. The module has an operating specification for the mechanical shock level of 30 g. The module also has a storage specification for the mechanical shock level of 50 g.

The Allen-Bradley 5069-IB16F supports a non-condensing relative humidity range from 5% to 95%. This module can be stored in a safe environment that shouldn’t be full of condensation or corrosion at a temperature from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit). The 5069-IB16F has an open enclosure. The device can be easily inserted on a DIN rail. The module has dimensions of 138 millimeters (5.43 inches) in height, 22 millimeters (0.87 inches) in width, and a depth of 105 millimeters (4.15 inches). The 5069-IB16F can operate at a temperature range of zero (0) to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) for industrial applications and weighs approximately 175 grams (0.39 pounds) while shipping.

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