Allen Bradley Drive 22B-D1P4N104


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  • Has 480v ac of voltage.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Drive
  • Part Number: 22B-D1P4N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 40
  • UPC: 0820919078538
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Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation’s 22BD1P4N104 is a PowerFlex 40 adjustable frequency AC drive. This drive’s power requirements include a 480 VAC 3-phase input voltage range(342 to 528 volts), 0.5 Hp / 0.4 kW output power, and 1.4 amps amperage output current.

Additionally, this AC drive can support the dynamic braking feature and human interface module and its support for the configuration of the networks for communication by using the inbuilt communication protocol, which is RS-485. This communication allows the drive to troubleshoot and program and monitor applications by interacting with the PC systems.

This VFD can also support the mounting type installation, it can be panel-mounted, and the enclosure rating includes NEMA, UL, IP20 Open Type rating.

It has three fixed discrete inputs and 4 fully programmable discrete outputs, both of which have different values and power requirements.

The drive is often used for machine-level speed control and is capable of performing sensorless vector control.

This drive is used for general-purpose and heavy-duty operations in the industries, providing flexibility to control, optimize and regulate components for enhanced productivity.

It also comes with a keypad and brake functionality.

Besides, this PowerFlex 40 AC drive is also employed to control AC motors, torque control, speed regulation, and rotation.

This device also allows seamless communication among devices. As a result, the time and personnel efforts are reduced while productivity increases, and it is also easy to use, monitor, and diagnose.


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