Allen Bradley AC Drive 22B-D012N104


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Drive
  • Part Number: 22B-D012N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 40
  • UPC: 820919078583
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The Allen-Bradley 22B-D012N104 is a PowerFlex 40 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive, also known as a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or Variable Speed Drive (VSD). This device is used to control the speed of an AC motor and reduce power consumption.

  • Input Voltage: 380-480VAC, 3 Phase
  • Output Current: 12 Amps
  • Rated Power: 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
  • Internal Communication port: RS485
  • Enclosure Style: IP20 (NEMA/UL Type Open)
  • Frame Size: C
  • Filter: No CE Compliant Filter
  • HIM(Type): LED Display, Digital Keypad
  • Enclosure Rating: IP20 / NEMA UL Type Open
  • Installation: Panel Mount

The VFD has a kVA rating of 11.8 kVA. The recommended installation includes external protection devices such as circuit breakers and fuses. The minimum enclosure volume required is 2069 cu. in. Non Allen-Bradley products can also be used with this VFD.

The 22B-D012N104 features Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) capability, providing high-starting torque and excellent speed regulation. It also includes the Proportional + Integral + Derivative (PID) algorithm for automatic control of an analog control loop.

The VFD has an embedded Human Interface Module (HIM) that allows local monitoring and control. The 4-digit display with LED indicators provides information on parameters, diagnostic, and operational conditions. The device also has built-in I/O channels for termination of external signals to control the VFD remotely. It includes an embedded RS485 communication interface that allows networked connection of drives for remote monitoring and control.

The 22B-D012N104 is CE-marked and meets UL specifications with CE, C-Tick, cUL, and RoHS certifications. Its Class 10 motor overload rating is 200% for 3 seconds and 150% for 1 minute. The ground fault protection feature ensures reliable operation, and the overcurrent safeguards include 200% hardware limit and 300% instantaneous fault. The removable MOVS must be disconnected when installed on an ungrounded system where line-to-ground voltage could exceed 125% to prevent drive damage.

This Allen Bradley product is panel-mountable and rated by NEMA, UL, IP20 type open. It includes a dynamic brake feature and a keypad for input. The drive supports an integrated RS-485 interface for network configuration. It can use control methods such as SVC and V/Hz control for torque, starting, and speed regulation. Additionally, the HIM can be used to monitor the application locally. This VFD is widely used in AC motor-related operations, including torque and speed control, rotation, and regulation using frequency adjustment of the voltage and other engineering characteristics.

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