Allen Bradley Drive 22A-D2P3N104


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  • Has 480v ac of voltage.
  • Has standard.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Drive
  • Part Number: 22A-D2P3N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 4
  • UPC: 0662453979649
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The Allen-Bradley 22A-D2P3N104 is a variable frequency drive (VFD) used for AC motor control, or in other words, to control motor speed and delivered torque. It uses high voltage, and at high voltage it can control the speed and torque of a 1.0 Hp (horsepower) AC motor. At an input range of 342 – 528 volts AC with 3 phases and it provides high voltage at output at a range of 0 – 480 volts AC with 3 phases with a continuous output current of 2.3 amperes.

This drive is vector controlled device and it uses sensor-less technique. Thanks to that method, it is possible to achieve very good and linear speed up characteristics, overcome the load torque as required and have both speed and torque control. Due to that, this VFD is excellent for pump control applications where others, standard VFD’s easily lose control. Configuration at the start and other parameters can be set up locally or remotely. At VFD front side there are supplied fixed digital keypads and LED displays. Using them, it is possible to JOG or RUN the drive locally and to set up internal drive parameters. That parameters will locate the drive close to the application requirements that has to be achieved, but without any fault during the long period of time. The drive has its many (analog and digital) control lines with several preset capabilities and also many defaults can be used. For the communication purposes, network access but also for programming, the RS485 port is provided, and there existing an option to convert it to RS-232 interface if needed so. The drive is under IP20 protection and its normal operation should not be done outside of an ambient temperature ranging from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Allen-Bradley 22A-D2P3N104 PowerFlex 4 adjustable frequency AC drive provides a full-featured 4 digits alphanumeric human interface liquid crystal (LCD) display module to show either parameter number and value, or fault code with an integral keypad to program and control using the local potentiometer both torque and speed of three-phase induction motors in industrial applications. And includes an internal dynamic IGBT brake that saves efficiently switching regenerative energy without adding external chopper circuits.

  • It can be mounted with an input circuit breaker or fuses.
    Produces torque efficiently over a large speed range and offers sensorless vector control.
  • Supports shielded and unshielded cables for wiring and installation.
    Provides removable MOV to ground ungrounded distribution systems to increase motor life.
  • Provides efficient integral electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filtering and external filters to meet EMC needs.
  • Includes relay pre-charge to limit inrush current.
  • It contains 10 LED indicators that report and display visual notifications of drive status and information.
  • Supports an input voltage rating of 480 volts AC and current consumption of 2.3 amperes with a maximum power rating of 1 horsepower and 0.75 kilowatts.
  • Supports the RS485 (DSI) protocol to communicate with Rockwell Automation devices and to program from a PC.
  • Meet the IP20 and NEMA Type open enclosure ratings.
  • It can be installed vertically on 35 millimeters DIN on A-frame drives or using M4 screws.
  • Offer an adjustable pulse width modulation (PWM) frequency up to 16 kHz to ensure proper operation.
  • It can operate at a temperature range of 10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius (14 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) for industrial applications from fans to extruders.


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