Allen Bradley AC Drive 22A-B012N104


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Drive
  • Part Number: 22A-B012N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 4
  • UPC:00662453979618
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The 22A-B012N104 is an Allen-Bradley manufactured PowerFlex4 adjustable frequency AC drive. This drive is operated when supplied with an input voltage range of 0-240VAC, 3-phase, apparent power of 5.5 kVA and input current of 9.5 Amperes. It delivers an output voltage of 0-480VAC, output current of 12.0 Amperes, output power of 5.5 kW or 7.5 HP and fully programmable output frequency of 0-500 Hz.

  • Built-in communication port: Ethernet I/P / RS485
  • Integrated safety: Safe-Torque Off (STO) functionality
  • StepLogicTechnology: Integrated
  • Control Method: Volts per Hertz (V/Hz), Sensorless Vector Control (SVC),
  • Enclosure Rating: IP20 / NEMA UL Type Open
  • Zero Stacking: Supported
  • Installation: Panel Mount / DIN Rail
  • I/O: Discrete Inputs: 4 Sink / Source Discrete Outputs: 1 N.O.; 1 N.C. Contacts; 2 Digital / Optocoupler Analog Input: 2 Unipolar 0-10VDC; 0- 20mA; 1 bipolar +/-10VDC Analog Output: 1 Analog Input 0-10VDC; 0- 20mA
  • Output Power: 2.2 kW or 3.0 HP
  • Output Current: 12.0 A
  • Output Voltage: 0-240VAC
  • Input Phase: 3-Phase
  • Input Voltage: 200-240VAC
  • Module Type: Drive
  • Amperage: 12
  • Enclosure Type: IP20/UL (Open)
  • Filter: Without CE Compliant Filter
  • Phase: 3 Phase
  • Wattage: 2.2 Kilowatt
  • Input Type: Keypad
  • Display: Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Horsepower: 3 Horsepower
  • Input Power: 200-240 Volts AC

The 22A-B012N104 comes with a removable Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) that make this drive compatible for use in ungrounded systems. It also comes with a relay pre-charge that limits the inrush current, protecting the unit from the damage caused by this electrical current surge. It also comes with an internal brake resistor, used to implement dynamic braking by dissipating excess power as heat. It also comes with an adjustable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which is primary means of frequency variation of this drive. PWM may be adjusted up to 16 kHz. This drive is able to withstand 150% overload for 60 seconds or 200% overload for 3 seconds.

The 22A-B012N104 also comes is capable of Volts / Hertz (V/Hz) control method, Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) and Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) with economizer. These control methods allow the drive to implement speed and torque regulation, applicable in a wide variety of applications. Additionally, this drive is capable of implementing Proportional + Integral + Derivative (PID) control, enabling the drive to act as an automatic loop controller. This drive does not have a branch circuit protection which is needed to provide isolation and protection to the drive.

The 22A-B012N104 drive has a compact, minimalistic design that facilitates user control. It is designed for use in equipment such as pumps, fans, and conveyors. The 22A-B012N104 drive comes with a range of features including a panel mounting tabs and an integral keypad that makes programming simpler. The 22A-B012N104 drive’s integral brake resistors provide excellent speed control and high torque level for the whole drive. The 22A-B012N104 drive uses the Logix control platform which simplifies parameter and tag programming and reduces development time.

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