Allen Bradley Micro850 Expansion Input Modules 2085-IQ16


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  • 2080 Micro800 System.
  • Has 12/24v dc, sink/source input type.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Drive
  • Part Number: 2085-IQ16
  • Series: Micro 850
  • UPC: 10885630082285
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The Micro800™ expansion I/O is a modular I/O that complements and extends the capabilities of Micro850™ controllers. These expansion I/O modules interface with Micro850 controllers using an I/O expansion port.

They come with 16 LED status indicators and a removable terminal block (RTB). It is important that the 2085-IQ16 module be removed or inserted only when the backplane power is turned off to avoid an electrical arc that can result in an explosion. This module is also sensitive to electrostatic discharge or ESD.

The Allen Bradley 2085-IQ16 has the following specifications and features:

  • 16 input points
  • Digital input type
  • Supports 12/24VDC sink/source voltage
  • IEC compliant
  • LED indication for input status
  • Screw terminal block for easy wiring
  • Multiple modules can be connected together to increase input points

It requires a 24V DC power supply and has an IP20 enclosure rating.

It has a total power dissipation of 4.5 W, a maximum input impedance of 3.9 kΩ, and a maximum bus current draw of 170 mA at 5V DC. The operating voltage ranges of the 2085-IQ16 module are 10-30V DC and 21.6-26.4V AC, with both ranges in Class

The maximum off-state voltage of this module is 5V DC, while its maximum off-state current is 1.5 mA. When in the on-state, the 2085-IQ16 module has a current that ranges from a minimum of 1.8 mA at 10V DC to a maximum of 8 mA at 30V DC, with a nominal current of 6 mA at 24V DC. The continuous isolation voltage of this module is 50V and it is a reinforced insulation type from channel-to-system and it has been type-tested at 720V DC for 60 s.


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