Allen Bradley Module End Cap 2085-ECR


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Miscellaneous
  • Product Type: Expansion Module End Cap
  • Part Number: 2085-ECR
  • Series: Micro800
  • UPC: 10885630082414
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Allen-Bradley introduced the 2085-ECR, a high-performance device that comes in a small and less expensive package. It is compatible with a variety of digital and analog modules, expanding the controller’s capabilities by increasing the flexibility of input and output count and type. Solid-state modules are available in the market that can reduce noise effects and are recommended for applications that require various switching waves instead of transmission. AC upload features a triac output.

The 2085-ECR controls are suitable for applications that require digital as well as analog I/O or high-performance analog I/O. The controls support multiple inputs and outputs, with four (4) extensions available for twenty-four (24) and forty-eight (48) digits on the Ethernet board. These resources are essential tools and gadgets for the high performance of a logical control system. The 2085-ECR serves as an end cap and terminates the serial communication bus.

The device includes facilities such as interfacing, communication tapes, and connectors. It has additional input and output pins for both analog and digital systems and different blocks that make the installation process easier.

The accessories needed depend on the type of PLC used. Programmable logic controls (PLCs) in the US command list, task block diagram, layout text, and sequence worksheets are useful programming languages. The ladder circuit has new logic to create or cut off coils. Each bit state in the configuration control memory corresponds to a single coil, and each step of the ladder language usually has one (1) coil on the far right. Some developers allow multiple outputs for the coil in the rung. The Input / Output module intersects the right side of the Micro850 and Micro870 controls, supporting both mounting options.

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