Allen Bradley ControlNet Fiber Ring Ex Long Repeater 1786-RPFRXL


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  • Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
  • Brand: Allen-Bradley
  • Part Number: 1786-RPFRXL
  • Series: 1786
  • UPC: 10612598269133
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Allen-Bradley 1786 ControlNet Repeaters with Fiber Ring Repeater Module type, 62.5/125 micron multi-mode fiber or 9/125 micron.

The Allen-Bradley 1786-RPAB adapter is a ControlNet modular repeater adapter. It works with an RG6 copper coax fiber type and it is capable of connecting multiple modules. To be exact, the 1786-RPAB repeater adapter can connect up to 2 modules when it is used with either the Allen-Bradley 1786-RPFRXL/B or the 1786-RPFRL modules and with up to 4 modules that are the Allen-Bradley 1786-RPFS, 1786-RPCD, or the 1786-RPFM repeater modules. The 1786-RPAB repeater adapter requires 24 Volts DC input power and at 5 Volts DC, it can provide up to a maximum of 1.6 Amps of backplane output current.

The 1786-RPAB repeater adapter serves different functions such as for extending the network’s length, performing network media conversions from coaxial or copper media to fiber media as well as from fiber media to coaxial or copper media, providing power to the repeater modules, and the creation of a ring, star, or point-to-point network topology. Both the repeater adapters and repeater modules are equipped with 2 status indicators, which indicates if they are both powered up or if a fault has been detected (also known as ready/fault), and if errors are present on the data that is being received at the adapters and modules. The entire 1786-RPAB repeater adapter has an approximate measurement of 4 x 4 x 3 inches, and it weighs around 7 ounces. This Series B repeater adapter is also known as the 1786-RPA/B.


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