Allen Bradley ControlNet Network Toolkit 1786-CTK


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: ControlNet Network Toolkit
  • Part Number: 1786-CTK
  • Series: 1786 Repeaters
  • UPC:10612598143846
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The Allen-Bradley 1786-CTK is a Wiring Installation Toolkit designed for maintenance and troubleshooting in industrial automation networks and communication products. This toolkit is specifically used for ControlNet coax wiring and is commonly referred to as the Coax Toolkit, connectors, or cables. The module is highly compatible with ControlNet coax wiring and reduces configuration time with its ease of use for technical staff.

  • Type of Component: Wiring Installation Toolkit/ControlNet Network Toolkit
  • Compatible with: ControlNet coax wiring
  • Cable strip tool: Included – comes with two blade cassettes – one for PVC and one for FEP
  • Terminating resistors and extra connectors: Included
  • Memory blade cartridges: Two sets included
  • Memory blade holder: Included
  • Calibration/flare holder: Included
  • Wire Cutters: Included
  • Heat Gun: Must be bought separately

The 1786-CTK is part of the product family of 1786 Repeaters designed to be interoperable with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) by Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation. The toolkit includes a cable strip tool, memory blade cartridges and holder, calibration tool, and crimp tool. It also includes a detailed guide called “The ControlNet Coax Media Planning and Installation Guide, Allen-Bradley publication CNET-IN002” that must be followed for successful installation.

The cable strip tool is the primary tool in the kit and comes with two blade cassettes for use with PVC and FEP cable materials. Additional terminating resistors and connectors are also included in the kit, along with spare parts for the memory blade cartridges. The toolkit also includes a custom-designed knife and durable wire cutters. However, a heat gun is required for installing the IP 67 rated connectors, and this tool must be purchased separately.

To ensure the best results on a ControlNet architecture system, properly trained technicians must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and use of the 1786-CTK Coax Toolkit. Following the application and installation guidelines detailed in the ControlNet Coax Media Planning and Installation Guide is necessary to prevent electrical noise from entering the controllers from external sources.

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