Allen Bradley Stratix 5700 10 Port Managed Switch 1783-BMS10CA


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1783-BMS10CA
  • Series: 1783
  • UPC:00886739973484
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The Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS10CA is a managed Ethernet switch included in the Stratix 5700 series. It features 8 copper ports with an RJ45 connector and 2 combo ports that can be connected to Ethernet via a fiber SFP slot or with an RJ45 connector. Supported SFP modules include 1783-SFP1GSX1783-SFP1GLX1783-SFP1GEXE1783-SFP1GZX1783-SFP1GTE1783-SFP100T1783-SFP100LX1783-SFP100FX1783-SFP100EXC, and the 1783-SFP100ZXC. The managed switch has a maximum power consumption rating of 17 Watts.

  • Part Number: 1783-BMS10CA
  • Product type: Managed Ethernet switch
  • Ports: 10
  • Copper ports: 8
  • Combo ports: 2
  • Input voltage: 12 to 48 Volts DC
  • Peak power consumption: 17 Watts
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

The Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS10CA switch is a managed Ethernet switch with a total of 10 ports. Eight of the ports are copper ports and the other 2 ports are combo ports. The eight copper ports support fast Ethernet communication over an RJ-45 interface. The combo ports support fast Ethernet communication through either an RJ-45 interface or a fiber SFP slot. The 1783-BMS10CA switch belongs to the Stratix 5700 series of Ethernet switches. The alarm relay on the 1783-BMS10CA switch has a current rating of 1 Amp at 30 Volts DC and of 0.5 Amps at 48 Volts DC. The 1783-BMS10CA switch consumes a maximum of 17 Watts of power. The typical power consumption of the switch is 12.5 Watts at 24 Volts DC. The rated power dissipation for the 1783-BMS10CA switch is 17 Watts.

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