Allen Bradley Chassis Power Supply 1756-PB72


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  • 19-32 VDC.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: Chassis Power Supply
  • Part Number: 1756-PB72
  • Series: 1756 ControlLogix
  • UPC: 10612598172600
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The 1756-PB72 is a 1756 ControlLogix/GuardLogix System Power Supply by Allen-Bradley. It has a nominal input voltage of 24VDC and an input voltage range of 19-32VDC.

The power supply has a maximum input power of 95W and a maximum output power of 75W at 0-60 degrees Celsius.
The current capacity varies at different voltages. The power supply has a maximum inrush current of 30 Amps and a current capacity at 1.2 Volts of 1.5 Amps; the current capacity at 3.3 Volts is 4 Amps and 10 Amps at 5.1 Volts; the current capacity at 24 Volts is 2.8 Amps.

The power supply has an isolation voltage of 250V (continuous) with reinforced insulation type.
It provides built-in overcurrent protection and has a type of reinforced insulation tested at 3,500VDC for 60 seconds.

The transient surge immunity of the power supply is +/- 1 kV line-line (DM) and +/- 2 kV line-earth (CM) on signal ports. The conducted RF immunity is 10 Vrms with 1 kHz sine-wave 80% AM from 150 kHz to 80 MHz. The EFT/B immunity is +/- 4 kV at 5 kHz on signal ports. The power supply is not intended for use in a residential neighborhood.

The 1756-PB72 is compatible with any Series A, B, and C ControlLogix chassis installation. The power supply module’s installation location is at the chassis’s leftmost part. It has a simple status indicator with a single LED light installed at the upper right section of the module. As this is a DC power supply, a wire terminal is already provided with the unit. This terminal is accessible once the cover door is popped-out. The terminals have clear markings such as DC+ for the positive supply and DC- for the negative supply return. The protective earth is recommended for attaching to the chassis ground or ground bus.

The environmental specifications for the 1756-PB72 include an operating temperature between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius and a nonoperating temperature between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity ranges between 5% and 95% (non-condensing). The vibration rating for the 1756-PB72 is 2 g at 10-500 Hz; the operating shock is 30g and the nonoperating shock is 50g. The power supply’s emissions and immunity are compliant with various IEC standards.

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