Allen Bradley ControlLogix 36 Pin Screw Terminal Block 1756-TBCH


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1756-TBCH
  • Series: ControlLogix
  • UPC: 10612598171832
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The Allen-Bradley 1756-TBCH is a ControlLogix Removable Terminal Block (RTB) component. This component is used as modular wiring terminal for 1756 I/O modules. This component is a 36-pin cage-clamp removable terminal block with standard housing.

  • Product Line: ControlLogix
  • Module Type: Terminal Block
  • Clamp Type: Cage-Clamp
  • Pins: 36-pin Connection
  • Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Wire Size: 20 American Wire Gauge (AWG)
  • Dimensions: 5.51 x 4.41 x 7.71 inches
  • Operating Temperature: 0-60 degrees Celsius
  • Enclosure: None
  • Universal Product Code: 1.06126E+13

The Allen-Bradley 1756-TBCH is a Removable Terminal Block (RTB) for 1756 I/O modules. It is an I/O module accessory and must be ordered separately. The 1756-TBCH provides flexibility in interconnecting 1756 I/O modules and industrial plant wiring. It plugs into the front of an I/O module.

The 1756-TBCH removable terminal block is a 36-pin cage-clamp with standard housing (wiring arm depth of 2.5 mm. sq.). When terminating signal to the RTB, the required Torque is 0.5 Nm screw torque. It is recommended to use a screwdriver with width of 3.2 mm (1/8 in.) Screwdriver width. It has dimensions of 5.51 x 4.41 x 5.71 in. and weighs 0.3 pounds.

For wiring, use solid or stranded copper wire rated at 90 deg. Celsius (194 °. Fahrenheit) or greater with a gauge 1.2 mm (3/64 in.) maximum insulation must be used. In case of a single wire connection, the wire size must be 0.33 – 2.1 mm sq. (22 – 14 AWG), and for a double wire connection, the wire size must be 0.33 – 1.3 mm sq. (22 – 16 AWG). On any single terminal, do not wire more than two conductors.

Each ControlLogix I/O module can mount in any ControlLogix chassis and they all require a removable terminal block (RTB) to connect all the field-side wiring. Each I/O module has many applications ranging from high-speed digital processing to process control. In a ControlLogix architecture, input and output status are shared between multiple controllers in the same or different chassis using producer-consumer technology. The 1756-TBCH RTB is intended for use in a clean and dry industrial environment with a 0-60 deg. Celsius operating temperature and a 30g operating Shock.

The idea of RTBs is to allow termination of wires without the need of the actual module. Termination may be made with the RTB alone. Once done, the RTB may be easily attached to the main module. Additionally, RTB saves time during troubleshooting and maintenance especially during module replacement. When replacing a module, the entire RTB is uninstalled from the main module. It is then re-installed to the replacement module without need of re-wiring.

Some modules that may be installed with the RTB includes 1756-IA16I, 1756-IA16IK, 1756-IA32, 1756-IA32K, 1756-IB16D, 1756-IB16DK, 1756-IB16I, 1756-IB16IK, 1756-IB16IF, 1756-IB16IFK, 1756-IB16ISOE, 1756-IB16ISOEK, 1756-IB32, 1756-IB32K, 1756-IF8, 1756-IF8K, 1756-OB16IEF, 1756-OB16IEFK, 1756-OB16IS and many other modules.

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