Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC Drive 25B-D013N104


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Automation Product
  • Part Number: 25B-D013N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 525
  • UPC: 884951885929
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The 25B-D013N104 is a PowerFlex 525-series AC Drive designed and manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The Drive has a Frame size C and is rated for a NEMA IP20 open-type enclosure. The drive has an input voltage range of 323 to 528 Volts AC. The Output rated parameters are 7.5 kilowatts of power, 5.5 hp of horsepower, and 17 amperes of output current. The drive has a Total Power loss of 170 Watts.

  • Series: PowerFlex 525 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive
  • MPN: 25B-D013N104
  • Voltage: 480V AC
  • Phase: 3
  • Enclosure IP: 20 NEMA/Open
  • Interface Module: Standard
  • EMC Filter: No Filter
  • Braking: Standard
  • Amps: 13
  • Frame: C
  • HP (Normal Duty): 7.5
  • kW (Normal Duty): 5.5
  • HP (Heavy Duty): 7.5
  • kW (Heavy Duty): 5.5
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Internal IGBT Brake: Yes
  • Input Voltage Rating: 480 Volts AC
  • Current Consumption: 13 Amperes
  • Maximum Power Ratin: 7.5 Horsepower, 5.5 Kilowatts
  • RS-485 (DSI) Protocol: Yes
  • Enclosure Type Rating Meets: IP20
  • Mount: Vertical
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds)

The Allen-Bradley 25B-D013N104 AC drive provides a full-featured alphanumeric human interface liquid crystal (LCD) display module with an integral keypad to program and control both speed and torque of three-phase induction motors in industrial and heavy-duty applications. This AC drive has an internal IGBT brake that saves efficiently switching regenerative energy without adding external chopper circuits. The 25B-D013N104 can be mounted with an input circuit breaker or fuses. This AC drive produces torque efficiently over a large speed range. The drive also supports shielded/armored and unshielded cables for wiring and installation. The 25B-D013N104 provides removable MOV to ground ungrounded distribution systems to increase motor life. It provides an efficient integral electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filtering to meet EMC needs.

The 25B-D013N104 contains 5 LED indicators that report and display visual notification of drive status and information and supports an input voltage rating of 480 Volts AC and current consumption of 13 Amperes with a maximum power rating of 7.5 horsepower and 5.5 Kilowatts. The 25B-D013N104 supports the RS485 (DSI) protocol to communicate with Rockwell Automation devices and to program from a PC and an EtherNet/IP port. It is constructed to meet the IP20 and NEMA Type Open enclosure ratings. The 25B-D013N104 can be installed vertically on a 35-millimeter DIN rail panel on C frame drives or using M10 screws. This adjustable frequency AC drive can operate at a temperature range of -20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) for industrial indoor applications and weighs approximately 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds) while shipping.

The 25B-D013N104 is a Power Flex 525 series Frequency AC drive designed and manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The Drive has an input voltage rating of 323 to 528 Volts and a total power loss of 170 Watts. The maximum input KVA rating of this drive is 14.1 KVA and an input current rating of 15.4 amperes. The 25B-D013N104 AC drive has a C frame size Open-type enclosure This drive includes built-in safety measures such as automated BUS voltage management and fast-acting current limiting, as well as a Safe Torque-Off function that is shared by all PowerFlex 525 drives. The 25B-D013N104 comes with the standard interface module and has no EMC filter installed. The PowerFLex 520 series drives include a detachable control module and power module, allowing for simultaneous configuration and installation, and a common control module is utilized throughout the entire power range. With MainsFree setup, you may connect your control module to a PC using a regular USB cable and instantly upload, download, and flash the drive with new settings. The drive supports accessory cards without changing the footprint and can accommodate up to two accessory cards. The 25B-D013N104 interacts through an embedded Ethernet/IP port, allowing control of the Ethernet network, as well as an inbuilt RS-485 serial interface, allowing for a multi-drop communication setup. The recommended operating temperature for the AC drive is between -20 to 50 degrees Celsius without derating. The 25B-D013N104 AC drive is ATEX, KCC, KUV, CE, RCM, and cUL-us certified. The drive has dimensions of 109 x 220 x 184 millimeters.

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