Allen Bradley AC Drive 25B-D010N104


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: AC Drive
  • Part Number: 25B-D010N104
  • Series: PowerFlex 525
  • UPC:  00884951885912
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The Allen Bradley 25B-D010N104 is a PowerFlex 525 series AC drive manufactured by Rockwell Automation. It is a variable frequency drive that controls three-phase induction motors with Embedded EtherNet/IP and Safety.

Here are some of the technical specifications of the Allen Bradley AC drive 25B-D010N104:

  • Output Power Rating: 4 kW (5 hp) (Normal and Heavy-duty)
  • Output Voltage Rating: 480 VAC, 3 Phase
  • Output Current: 10.5 Amps
  • Input Voltage: 323-528V, 3 Phase
  • Interface Module: Standard
  • Protection Rating: IP20 NEMA / Open Type
  • Frame: Size B
  • EMC Filtering Options: No Filter

The device is primarily housed in a NEMA-rated enclosure and must be installed to ensure accessibility and ease of maintenance and replacement.

Accessory cards are supported with this device, and up to two (2) cards can be used at a time.

The PowerFLex 520 series drives include both a control module and a power module capable of being detached, allowing for simultaneous configuration and installation.
This Frequency AC drive is equipped with a common control module, which is used throughout the power range within this device. With the MainsFree programming setup, an operator may connect their control module to a PC, or personal computer, via a USB cable. With this connection, an operator may download and upload almost instantly while also being able to do other things.

This Frequency AC drive interacts via an Ethernet/IP port embedded within the device. This allows for control of the Ethernet network and has an embedded RS-485 serial interface, which allows for a multi-drop communication setup.


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