Allen Bradley Drive 22C-D6P0N103


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – Drives
  • Product Type: Drive
  • Part Number: 22C-D6P0N103
  • Series: PowerFlex 400
  • UPC: 820919253973
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The Allen-Bradley 22C-D6P0N103 is an adjustable frequency drive (AFD) manufactured by Rockwell Automation. It is part of the PowerFlex 400-Series AC drive product line and is designed for use in industrial automation applications, and it’s ideally used for fan and pump applications.

The 22C-D6P0N103 drive has a rated output current of 2.2 kilowatts (3 HP), making it suitable for applications that require a moderate level of motor control. It features both V/Hz and sensorless vector control, providing flexible and precise control of AC induction motors. The drive is available in an IP20 NEMA/UL Type Open enclosure, making it suitable for indoor use.

The 22C-D6P0N103 drive includes various advanced features, such as programmable digital inputs and outputs, a real-time clock, and a removable keypad/display module. These features allow for easy configuration and monitoring of the drive, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

The Allen-Bradley 22C-D6P0N103 requires an input voltage of 480 volts AC, three phases, and an output current of 6 amperes. It was housed in a size C frame.

HIM Interface Module: Fixed Keypad

This AC drive has multiple variations ranging from 200 to 240 volts of alternate current. Other variations operate at a higher voltage rating starting from 380 to 480 volts.
When it comes to mounting, this drive can be panel-mounted or flange mounted. Users will experience complete PID and slip compensation features on both panel options.

Comm Version : RS485 (without Brake IGBT)

In order to carry out communication, this drive supports the drive serial interface (DSI) protocol. Thanks to this communication protocol, this drive is able to ensure a lower lead time. It also helps with faster and more efficient data transfer.

The primary purpose of this drive is to control the motor speed via frequency control. Like any other drive from this series, it also includes the overload protection feature. Overload and power surges can seriously damage this drive and even permanently disable the integrated components. Overload can also negatively affect the lifespan and efficiency of the built-in motors. Also, users should avoid starting or stopping this drive suddenly.


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