Allen Bradley Controller 2080-LC10-12QWB


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  • 8-24V DC/V AC Input.
  • 4-Relay Output.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: Compact Controller
  • Part Number: 2080-LC10-12QWB
  • Series: Micro 810
  • UPC: 10885630058037
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The Allen-Bradley 2080-LC10-12QWB is a Micro810 programmable logic controller from the Micro 800 series. This controller has 12 I/O channels, consisting of 8 inputs (4 digital and 4 analogs) and 4 relay outputs.

  • Input Type: 24V DC/V AC, Digital
  • Input Points: 8
  • Supply Voltage Ranged: 20.4-26.4V DC
  • Output Type: Relay, Digital
  • Output Point: 4
  • Power Consumption: 3 W

The controller has a liquid crystal display screen that displays the parameters of the industrial automation system and enables users to monitor and control the status of various applications within the control system. The device also has Smart Relay function blocks that can be used to configure the controller and create applications that improve the versatility of the automation system. Additionally, the controller has excellent control characteristics and employs an accurate feedback system to ensure efficient and productive operation.

The device is equipped with copper conductor wires that display excellent electrical conductivity values during the system’s operation. The controller has a current rating of 8 milliamperes and functions on an input supply voltage ranging from 20.4 volts to 26.4 volts of direct current, with a nominal input voltage of 24 volts of direct current. An optional Micro800 power supply can be used further to accentuate the efficiency and versatility of the programmable controller and ensure that it can be used in various industrial environments.

The 2080-LC10-12QWB controller supports DIN rail or panel mounting, and it is especially compatible for use in temperature control, compressor control, and elevator control. This controller has a compact size without an option for the insertion of plug-in modules. It can be downloaded with a user program with a maximum of 2K steps or instructions and 4KB of data. User-defined blocks may be created and used in any section of the code for optimized execution of the program. In addition, the controller supports Floating-point math at a length of 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as Proportional + Integral + Derivative (PID) control.

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