Allen Bradley ControlLogix 32 Pt D/I 120V AC Module 1756-IA32


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1756-IA32
  • Series: ControlLogix
  • UPC: 10612598171283
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The Allen-Bradley 1756-IA32 is a ControlLogix Digital I/O Module.This is an AC input module which features Thirty-Two (32) input channels, accepting signal voltage range of 74-132VAC in Two (2) groups of Sixteen (16) channels each group. It may be installed to a 1756 local or distributed I/O chassis.

  • Module Type: Digital DC Input Module
  • Removable Terminal Block(s): 1756-TBCH; 1756-TBSH
  • Thermal Dissipation: 20.8 BTU/hr @ 60 °C (140 °F)
  • Input Delay Time, ON to OFF: Hardware delay: 1 ms nom/8 ms max + filter time
  • Input Delay Time, OFF to ON: Hardware delay: 1.5 ms nom/10 ms max + filter time
  • Module Keying: Electronic
  • No. of Inputs: Thirty-Two (32) Inputs
  • Part Number/Catalog: No. 1756-IA32
  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC Volts AC
  • Operating Voltage Range: 74-132 VAC
  • Power Dissipation (Max): 6.1 W @ 60 °C (140 °F)
  • Backplane Current at 24 Volts: 2 milliamperes
  • Inputs: 32
  • Input Delay Time: Programmable 9 or 18 milliseconds
  • Minimum Operating Current: 5 milliamperes at 74 Volts AC
  • Maximum Operating Current: 10 milliamperes at 132 Volts AC
  • Maximum Input Current, Off-State: 2.5 milliamperes
  • Backplane Current at 5 Volts: 165 milliamperes
  • Removeable Terminal Block(s): 1756-TBCH, 1756-TBS6H

The Allen-Bradley 1756-IA32 is a ControlLogix Digital I/O Module.

This AC input module has a display where users can check its input and communication status, as well as the module health. This particular module has 32 inputs available, with 16 points available in each group. The removable terminal block housings or RTB, compatible with the 1756-IA32 are 1756-TBCH and 1756-TBS6H.

The continuous isolation voltage of this module is 250 V. Its voltage category is 120 V AC and 50/60 Hz, same with its input voltage. The module’s current draw at 24 V is 2mA and 165 mA at 5.1 V. The operating voltage ranges from 74 to 132 V AC and 47 to 63 Hz. 0.9 W is the 1756-IA32 module’s total backplane power and the maximum inrush current is 390 mA.

Input delay times, from screw to backplane, are present in this module from off to on hardware delay is 1.5 ms nominally or 10 ms maximum plus user-selectable filter time (1 ms or 2 ms), while from on to off, the hardware delay is 1 ms nominally or 8 ms maximum plus user-selectable filter time (9 ms or 18 ms). The maximum power dissipation is 6.1 W at 60 Degrees Celsius and thermal dissipation is 20.8 BTU/hour. On an off-state, the maximum voltage is 20 V and the maximum current is 2.5 mA. On the other hand, the on state’s current ranges from a minimum of 5 mA at 74 V AC to a maximum of 15 mA at 132 V AC.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-IA32 is a ControlLogix AC input module that is primarily used to interface input or signaling devices that provides AC input signals with range of 74-132VAC. This module is a high-density input module, featuring Thirty-Two (32) input channels, grouped in Two (2), having Sixteen (16) channels per group. This module has group to group isolation, allowing the module to function even if a group has malfunctioned. Additionally, it features an input to backplane isolation however, it has no isolation between input channels.

The 1756-IA32 is part of the ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) product family. Each channel of this input module has a fixed hardware delay such as 1.5 ms delay in the OFF to ON transition and 1 ms delay in the ON to OFF transition. A user configurable delay may also be set with filter time options of 1 ms or 2 ms for OFF to ON transition and 9 ms or 18 ms for the ON to OFF transition.

To terminate input signals to the 1756-IA32, Removable Terminal Block (RTB) modules are required. Compatible RTB modules include 1756-TBCH which is a cage clamp terminal and 1756-TBSH which is a spring clamp terminal.

This module has a current draw of 165 mA at 5.1V, 2 mA at 24VDC and consumes a backplane power of 0.9 Watts with Power dissipation of 6.1 Watts at 60 Degree Celsius and Thermal Dissipation of 20.8 BTU/Hr.

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