Allen Bradley PLC 1756-A4


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  • Is a chassis.
  • Comes with open enclosure.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1756-A4
  • Series: ControlLogix
  • UPC: 10612598129307
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The Allen-Bradley 1756-A4 is a Controllogix Chassis that provides 4 slots, and includes an open enclosure.

Can be horizontally installed inside the panel,

Dissipates a power of 4 Watts.

Thermal power of 6.1 British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour.

Consumes a power of 1.8 Watts.

The device draws a backplane current of 1.5 Amperes at a voltage of 1.2 Volts DC, 4 Amperes at a voltage of 3.3 Volts DC, 15 Amperes at a voltage of 5.1 Volts DC, and 2.8 Amperes at a voltage of 24 Volts DC.

SIze: 50.8 centimeters (20 inches) (H) / 50.8 centimeters (20 inches) (W) / 20.3 centimeters (8 inches) (D)

Weight: 750 grams (1.65 pounds)

Operates Temperature: 0~60℃ (32~140℉)

This unit supports a non-condensing relative humidity range from 5% to 95% and a vibration frequency range from 10 to 500 Hertz. It can be stored in a safe environment that shouldn’t be full of condensation or corrosion at a temperature from -40~85℃ (-40~185℉).

The chassis supports many devices that can be inserted such as processors, I/O modules, and communication modules. Can be removed and inserted under power.


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