Allen Bradley POINT I/O SSI Encoder Module 1734-SSI


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  • backplane current draw of 110 mA @ 5V dc.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type:POINT I/O SSI Encoder Module
  • Part Number: 1734-SSI
  • Series: Point I/O 1734
  • UPC:10612598285331
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The 1734-SSI is a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) absolute encoder module from the 1734 POINT I/O product family that is manufactured by Allen-Bradley.

  • Part Number/Catalog: No. 1734-SSI
  • Module Type: SSI Module
  • Product Description: Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI) module
  • SSI Channels: 1
  • Supply Voltage: 10-28.8 Volts DC
  • POINTBus Current: 110 milliamps
  • Supported Protocol: SSI
  • Power Dissipation: 0.94 Watts
  • No of SSI channels: One (1) SSI port
  • Key Switch Position: 2
  • SSI Data Rate: 125 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz, 2 MHz
  • SSI Bits Per Word: 2…31
  • SSI Word Delay Time: 16 µs…64 m
  • SSI Word Length: 4 bytes (32 bits)
  • SSI Features: Gray or binary code capable with gray to binary conversion, increasing or decreasing SSI count indication, 2 SSI word comparator values, SSI word latching with I1 input SSI Position Forming Time(2) > 0.5 ms
  • Supply current: 110mA @ 24V dc
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 55oC (-4 to 131oF)
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

This module is a motion or positioning control module, interfacing with absolute encoders via Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI) protocol. This module is a modular assembly that is composed of a terminal base and a Removable Terminal Block (RTB).

The 1734-SSI Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI) module comes with a single channel of SSI interface and specifically supports any absolute encoder supporting standard SSI protocol including linear, rotary, and optical distance measuring devices It supports Most Significant Bit (MSB) aligned data format with the RS422 physical interface.

It is used with a wiring base assembly with catalog number 1734-TB, 1734-TBS with key switch positioned at number 2. This module has a POINTBus current draw of 110 mA at 5VDC with a Power dissipation of 0.94 Watts with a continuous voltage isolation rating of 50 V, able to withstand 1250V for a duration of 60 seconds. The 1734-SSI has physical measurements of 56.0 (H) x 12.0 (W) x 75.5 (L) mm (2.21 (H) x 0.47 (W) x 2.97 (L) in). The module’s SSI protocol is capable of Gray or binary code with gray to binary conversion, increasing or decreasing SSI count indication, Two (2) SSI word comparator values, and SSI word latching with I1 input. The SSI positioning time is ) > 0.5 ms.

The 1734-SSI is an electronic module which collects data from a positioning encoder sensor, which uses the SSI protocol. The 1734-SSI cable type is UL CM/AWM certified, and the cable length ranges from 125 kHz at 320m (1050 feet) to 2 MHz at 8m (25 ft) depending on the SSI data rate desired by users. It has an operational temperature range of -20-55 deg. C (-4-131 deg. F) and a shipping or storage temperature between -40 and 85 deg. C (-40 and 185. Deg. F) at 5-95% non-condensing relative humidity. It is built to withstand an operational shock of 30G, and an operational vibration of 5 g at 10-500 Hz, in an open-style enclosure.





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