Allen-Bradley PLC 1734-ACNR


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  • Is a controlnet adapter module.
  • Utilizes 24 volts dc of input voltage.
  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1734-ACNR
  • Series: Point I/O 1734
  • UPC: 10612598283702
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The 1734-ACNR is a ControlNet adapter module from Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation. It belongs to the POINT I/O ControlNet adapter product series. It operates on 24 Volts DC (direct current), and its inrush current range is six (6) amperes for ten (10) milliseconds. It requires four hundred and twenty-five (425) milliamperes (mA) to function and has a total power consumption range of eight (8) watts. The product has a 1000 mA point bus current range. It has been designed with durable material, and its protection is housed with reverse polarity, a type of input overvoltage protection commonly used on POINT I/O ControlNet adapter modules. Apart from that, this module dissipates 2.8 watts of power at 28.8 Volts. This product is engineered to accept additional I/O control points. Those I/O interfaces can be established using this module.

Furthermore, it can allow up to five (5) rack optimized I/O points and up to 25 direct connections for specialized and analog modules. In addition to that, the total number of network interfaces supported is controlled by the I/O setup. It can use other compatible devices to enhance the I/O capacity with as many as sixty-three (63) I/O modules. Likewise, it is also important to note that this unit can only manage series C or later I/O modules. It goes through a rigorous amount of testing before it is released.


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