Allen Bradley Flex 32 Point Digital Output Module 1794-OB32P


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1794-OB32P
  • Series: Flex I/O 1794
  • UPC: 10612598286031
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Allen-Bradley?s 1794-OB32P is an input / output flex discrete output module that is electronically protected. This module has 32 output source point channels each with a voltage supply of 24 volts DC. It has output channels in the form of 2 groups of 16. This module is of open style, related to the product family of input / output Modules. 1794-OB32P module has a total output current rating of 14 amperes.

  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 C (32 to 131 F)
  • Wire Size: Determined by installed terminal base
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Enclosure Open-type
  • ON state Voltage, nom: 24VDC
  • ON state Voltage, max. 31.2VDC
  • ON state Voltage, min: 10VDC
  • Terminal base: 1794-TB32 and 1794-TB32S
  • Output circuit type: Sourcing
  • Number of Outputs: Thirty-Two (32) Channels
  • Product Description: Flex IO DC Output Module
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)
  • Vibration: 5g @ 10 to 500 Hz
  • Part Number/Catalog: No. 1794-OB32P
  • Output Current Rating: 14.0 A max per module (6 A total for channels 0…15; 8 A total for channels 16…31)
  • Operating Shock: 30 g
  • Product Type: Flex I/O Digital DC Output Module
  • Outputs: 32 Sourcing Current
  • On-state Voltage nom.: 24V DC
  • On-state Current max.: 500mA per Channel
  • On-state Voltage Drop max.: 0.5V DC
  • Off-state Leakage Current max.: 0.5mA
  • Isolation Voltage: 50V Continuous
  • Flexbus Current: 80mA @ 5V DC
  • Power Dissipation: 5.3W @ 31.2V DC max.
  • Thermal Dissipation: 18.1 BTU/hr. @ 31.2V DC max.

Part Number 1794-OB32P designed by Allen-Bradley belongs to the input / output modules product line. This I/O module is a flex input / output digital module having 2 groups of 16 outputs, hence, a total of 32 output channels. Each of these has its separate voltage supply while each of these has an output voltage of 24 volts DC. That is why they are used for electronic and electrical devices requiring a 24 volts DC supply for their proper operation such as electrical loads, indicating devices, and sounding devices. Part numbers 1794-TB32S and 1794-TB32 are the only terminal base units with which this flex I/O module is compatible. The point channels have a total output current of 14 amperes, out of which 6 amperes are given by the 0-15 channels and 8 amperes are given by channels 16-31. The maximum and minimum output amperage per channel is 500 milliamperes and 1 milliampere, respectively. These point sources are electronically protected in case of temperature overload and their condition is indicated by 32 yellow status indicators. Moreover, these channels are not individually isolated.

Part Number 1794-OB32P flex I/O module comes without a conformal coating and has an operational temperature rating of 0 ºC – 55 ºC and is unable to withstand high temperatures. This module features a maximum output leakage current of 0.5 milliamperes, a maximum output surges current of 2 amperes for 50 milliseconds, a maximum output delay time from off to on of 0.5 milliseconds, a maximum output delay time from on to off of 1 millisecond, maximum power and thermal dissipation of 5.5 watts and 18.1 British Thermal Units per Hour (BTU/hr), respectively, and operating at max 31.2 volts DC supply. This module operates at an external DC voltage supply range of 10 to 31.2 volts DC with a 5% AC ripple and an external DC supply of 103 to 273 milliamperes. 1794-OB32P is DIN mounted.

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