Allen Bradley Data Highway Plus Cable 1784-U2DHP


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1784-U2DHP
  • Series: 1784
  • UPC:10612598520111
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The 1784-U2DHP, designed and created by Allen Bradley, is a USB to Data Highway Plus (DH+) cable that is used for PLC-5 processors or SLC 5/04 processors. This cable allows a diverse set of devices, including a PC or laptop to hook up with the Data Highway Plus (DH+) networks. This verbal exchange cable is usually considered to be a well-suited replacement of the verbal exchange adapter card (1784-PCMK) and verbal exchange cable (1784-PCM6).

  • Temperature: 0-55 degrees Celsius
  • Power dissipation: 1.575 watts
  • Current: 125 mA
  • Description: Data Highway Plus (DH+) cable
  • Series: PLC 5
  • Altitude: 2000 meters
  • Enclosure: IP 30
  • Communication rate: 57.6 Kbps @ 3048 m (10,000 ft) 115.2 Kbps @ 1524 m (5000 ft) 230.4 Kbps @ 762 m (2500 ft)
  • LED indicators: USB Power DH+ network
  • Compatible Processors: PLC-5 processors except (Classic PLC-5 processors, such as PLC-5/10, PLC-5/12, PLC-5/15, and PLC-5/25); SLC 5/04 processors
  • Supply voltage: 5.00V DC 5.25V DC, max
  • Power dissipation, max: 1.575 W
  • Voltage: 5 Volts DC


The 1784-U2DHP cable is an Allen-Bradley USB to Data Highway Plus cable. It is an industrial grade cable which lets an operator connect a computer with a DH+ network by using the USB port of the computer. The same cable can be used for a connection between a PLC 5 processor and a computer. The cable can be used for Overvoltage Category II applications at up to a maximum altitude of 2000 meters without getting derated. The cable must be powered from a source compliant with the SELV and PELV standards. The 1784-U2DHP cable comes with a communication rate switch and an LED status indicator. The cable status indicators blink red and green for different events, including power supply, network activity, node duplication, and internal diagnostics updates. The cable should be disconnected from the USB port before changing the communication rate setting. One end of the 1784-U2DHP cable has a USB connector and the other end comes with an 8-pin DIN connector. The node address of the DH+ cable is set automatically when it is connected for the first time. The driver should be properly installed in the computer for the cable to function. A unique COM port is created for the cable once the driver is installed. The DIN cable length is 2.44 meters and the USB length is 0.61 meters. The 1784-U2DHP cable comes with an IP 30 enclosure rating. It dissipates 1.575 Watts of power as heat. It uses 125 milliamps of supply current and 5 Volts DC voltage. It has an isolation voltage of 30 Volts. The temperature should range between 0 and 55 degrees Celsius.

The Data Highway Plus (DH+) communication network is an Allen-Bradley proprietary protocol that communicates over RS485 wiring convention. It allows high-speed transfer of data and support long distance communication, up to 10,000 feet (3050 meters) for trunkline and 100 feet (3.0 meters) for dropline connections. Three (3) communicate rates are supported by the 1784-U2DHP. For 57.6 Kbps, maximum DH+ network length is 3048 m (10,000 ft); 115.2 Kbps @ 1524 m (5000 ft) and 230.4 Kbps @ 762 m (2500 ft).

The 1784-U2DHP comes with a 3-position switch used for configuring the DH+ node address. It does not require mounting to a DIN rail or any mounting method as this device is a highly portable device. It draw power from the USB connection with power consumption of 1.575 Watts and Power dissipation of 1.575 Watts as well. To power-up this device, the 1784-U2DHP require a supply current of 1.25 mA with supply voltage requirement of 5.00V DC (nominal) and 5.25V DC (maximum).

The 1784-U2DHP comes with LED status indicator such as USB, Power and DH+ network. This communication device replaces the 1784-PCMK communication adapter card and 1784-PCM6 communication cable. This communication device also supports PLC-5 processors (except for Classic PLC-5 processors, such as PLC-5/10, PLC-5/12, PLC-5/15, and PLC-5/25) or SLC 5/04 processors.

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