Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix CPU, L30ERMS, 1M/0.5M 1769-L30ERMS


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1769-L30ERMS
  • Series: 1769
  • UPC: 885630424477
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The Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ERMS is a GuardLogix controller. This device comes with a standard internal memory of 1 MB plus an additional 0.5 MB of safety memory. The device can support a maximum of 16 EtherNet/IP network nodes. The 1769-L30ERMS can perform 32 continuous controller tasks and 100 periodic programs/tasks. This controller can support 256 controller connections and up to three I/ module banks. The 1769-L30ERMS comes embedded with two Ethernet ports and one USB port.

  • Product Type: Controller GuardLogix controller
  • Power Supply: 1769-PA2 • 1769-PB2 • 1769-PA4 • 1769-PB4
  • Safety Certifications: Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3); Performance Level (PL)e
  • Programs supported: 100 per task
  • Controller Tasks supported: 32 Tasks
  • Internal Energy Storage: Yes
  • No. of Axes: 4
  • Maximum number of I/O modules supported: 8 Modules
  • Non-Volatile memory: 1784-SD1 card with 1 Gb of available memory (shipped with controller) ; 1784-SD2 card with 2 Gb of available memory (available for separate ordering)
  • Communication ports: Two (2) Ethernet I/P; One (1) USB
  • Product Family: CompactLogix
  • User Memory: 1 MB Standard; 0.5 Safety
  • Part Number: 1769-L30ERMS
  • Controller Tasks: 32
  • Programs/task: 1000
  • Port Dual-port: Ethernet
  • Port 1-USB: Client
  • Connections: 256
  • Integrated Motion: Ethernet/IP
  • Network Nodes: 16

The Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ERMS is a Compact GuardLogix controller that is part of the 5370 GuardLogix system. This controller comes with integrated security that is certified for use in Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) and Performance Level (PL)e application. It also comes with integrated motion capability, supporting up to Four (4) motion axes.

The 1769-L30ERMS GuardLogix controller is compatible for use with standard CompactLogix I/O modules. It is also provided with Two (2) Ethernet communication interface supporting Device Level Ring (DLR), Linear and Star topology. Additionally, it supports Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) safety protocol and socket interface for use with devices not compatible with Ethernet I/P application protocol.

Additionally, the 1769-L30ERMS is capable of duplicate IP address detection, unicast and multicast communication. Similar to standard controllers, the 1769-L30ERMS is capable of communicating with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Remote I/O systems and other controllers. The dual ethernet ports also support interfacing with standard ethernet switches and uses RJ45 standard cables. The 1769-L30ERMS supports up to Sixteen (16) Ethernet nodes.

This controller supports programming through using any or combination of programming languages mandated by the IEC-61131-3 standard. This safety controller supports Relay ladder, Structured Text, Function block and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

This Compact GuardLogix controller is comes with on-board memory allocation of 1 MB as standard memory and 0.5 MB for safety memory. Up to Eight (8) compact I/O modules may be installed locally. For Studio 5000, compatible version is Studio 5000 Version 28.

The Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ERMS controller is a reliable and cost-effective controller that is part of the scalable and flexible industrial automation solutions developed on the Compact GuardLogix platform for better individual customer application handling. The 1769-L30ERMS controller can be paired in the same chassis with various 1769 I/O modules, data exchange modules, and accessories. Once the application is put to work, the 1769-L30ERMS controller is always ready for system upgrades and expansions. It can accept up to 8 local expansion I/O modules. All I/O modules must be mounted horizontally to each other. This controller does not support the RIUP (removal and insertion under power), so the PLC system must be shut down for module replacement or maintenance. The 1769-L30ERMS PLC controller can use a socket interface to exchange data with Ethernet devices like RFID readers, Modbus TCP/IP devices, and barcode scanners that do not support the EtherNet/IP protocol.

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