Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 32 Point Controller 1766-L32BXBA


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  • Manufacturer: Allen Bradley – PLC
  • Product Type: PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
  • Part Number: 1766-L32BXBA
  • Series: MicroLogix 1400
  • UPC: 10612598518149
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Part number 1766-L32BXBA is a MicroLogix 1400 programmable controller that was manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The input power of this device is 24 volts DC (direct current) and it has no user power. This product has thirty-two (32) embedded discrete I/O and six (6) embedded analog I/O. The communication ports included with this device are one (1RS-232/RS-485 port, one (1) Ethernet port, and one (1RS-232 serial port. This controller can be mounted via a panel or a DIN rail.

  • Supported Protocols: Serial: DF1, ASCII, MODBUS RTU, DNP3, DH485 Ethernet: Ethernet I/P, DNP3, MODBUS TCP/IP
  • Communication port: One (1) isolated RS232 / RS485 combo port; One (1) non-isolated RS232 communication port; One (1) Ethernet communication port.
  • Power supply inrush current: 24V DC
  • Power Consumption: 24V DC: 15 A for 20 ms
  • Operating Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • Analog Input Voltage range: 0…10.0VDC – 1 LSB
  • No. of Analog inputs: Two (2) Voltage
  • Relay Output operating range: 5 – 125V DC / 5 – 264V AC
  • Number of outputs: Six (6) Relay; Three (3) Fast DC; Three (3) Normal DC
  • Input Operating Range: 0-24VDC
  • Number of Inputs: Twelve (12) Fast 24VDC; Eight (8) Normal 24VDC
  • Number of I/O: 32
  • Inputs: (12) Digital Fast 24V DC, (8) Digital 24V DC, (4) Analog
  • Outputs: (6) Relay, (3) Fast 24V DC, (3) Normal 24V DC, (2) Analog
  • Operating Power: 24V DC
  • Channel Count: (20) IP, (12) OP
  • Memory: 20 KB
  • Feature: Built-in RTC

The MicroLogix 1400 controller with catalog number 1766-L32BXBA is a compact Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is especially used in micro and small automation requirements. This is an electronic device with built-in features that enable this control to be used out of the box.

The 1766-L32BXBA contributes to cost effectivity as the embedded I/O channels may be expanded by installing up to Seven (7) 1762 I/O modules. Specifically, the built-in input and output includes Twelve (12) Fast 24VDC for high-speed inputs, Eight (8) Normal 24VDC for standard input and signaling devices, Two (2) analog input in the form of 0-10.0 VDC input voltage, Six (6) volt-free relay contact outputs, Three (3) Fast DC outputs, Three (3) Normal DC outputs and Two (2) single-ended 0-10VDC Voltage output channels.

The 1766-L32BXBA has communication protocols such as One (1) isolated RS232 / RS485 combo port, capable One (1) non-isolated RS232 communication port and One (1) Ethernet communication port. These ports may be used to perform data exchange between Human Machine Interface (HMI) device such as PanelView operator Terminals, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, programming workstations and 3rd party devices such as converters and gateways. Supported protocols by the 1766-L32BXBA includes DF1 Full and Half duplex, DNP3, MODBUS RTU, ASCII and DH485 while with Ethernet, MODBUS TCP, DNP3 and Ethernet I/P are supported.

The 1766-L32BXBA is equipped with internal memory amounting to 20KB, with a replaceable battery back-up using the 1746-BA.

The 1766-L32BXBA controller requires a 24 VDC input power and has battery-backed RAM. It supports 32 digital I/O points with 12 digital fast 24 VDC inputs, 8 digital 24 VDC inputs, 6 relay outputs, 3 fast 24 VDC outputs, 3 normal 24 VDC outputs and 6 analogs (12 bits) I/O points with 4 inputs and 2 outputs. It can connect to up to seven 1762 expansion I/O modules for further expansion.

This controller has physical dimensions of 3.5 x 7.08 x 3.43 inches and weighs 2 pounds. For communication, it has an isolated RS-232/485 port, an Ethernet port, and a non-isolated RS-232 port. It also has an embedded real-time clock to provide a reference for applications that need time-based control.

For installation, it has Panel or DIN-Rail mounting options and an open enclosure. It is suitable for use in a clean, dry, industrial environment with circuits not exceeding Over Voltage Category II. The 1766-L32BXBA controller’s Ethernet port provides DNP3 protocol support as well as a web server and email capabilities. Its 2 Serial ports have DH485/DF1/Modbus RTU/DNP3/ASCII protocol support. It has up to 6 embedded 100 kHz high-speed counters (only for controllers with DC inputs). The 1766-L32BXBA also has 20 KB of memory for user programs and data.

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